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The Devastator Was Launched 19 April 1943, Placed out of commission 30 January 1947.

Recommissioned Tuesday 26 February 1952, Placed Back In Reserve 15 April 1955.

She was reclassified MSF-318, 7 February 1955.

Devastator received three battle stars for World War II service and two for Korean War service.

1972, the Devastator was sold to the Mexican Navy and was named C-74 S. Lerdo de Tejada. The C-74 S. Lerdo de Tejada is no longer listed on the the web site Haze Gray & Underway  and is presumed the ship has been stricken from the Mexican Navy list.

Rocky LoCascio has been aboard the S. Lerdo de Tejada; photos can be seen in the Photo Scrapbook below.

Although the Steel Hull AM/MSF-318 is no longer MCM-6 commission 1992 carries on the name

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Click on the Image Below to See Full View of the Long Beach Press Telegram 1952 Coverage of the Competent, Devastator and Gladiator Re-commissioning, the Program and a List of the Crew Aboard for the Commissioning.

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From the Rocky LoCascio Collection 

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Click Here for Re-commissioning Program and a List of the Crew Aboard for the Commissioning. The Re-commissioning pages are in two parts, copies of the original pass-outs (do to the age some parts are difficult to read) and a retyped copy for clarity.

The following are memories of Bob Meeker, J. Fields, Chuck Lewis, Marvin S. Robinson, Frederick J. Channell, Rocky LoCascio and George F Gross so far.

To go to the Devastator's AM-318 Photo Scrapbook click here or on the Image

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After Completing Boot Camp October 1951 I Was Assigned To the Devastator and Remained Aboard Until February 1955. The Following Are Pictures And Some Yarns That I Remember During My Stay. I promise to be as truthful as my memory allows. I will not always give the right names and rank however. All fictitious information will be in Italics.

I welcome any clarification of my memories and your comments. One of the biggest problem is that I remember the faces and things about them but not there names. I would like to hear from you: thanks Bob Meeker.

The E-mail address is rmeeker@socal.rr.com Or Click Here

Below is a copy of the painting of the USS Pirate AM275 "Hidden Death at Wonsan"  by Richard DeRosset


(Click on Photo to enlarge)


This painting will be used as the cover art on the forthcoming naval historical "Wooden Ships and Iron Men: The U.S. Navy's Coastal & Motor Minesweepers, 1941-1953.
By David Bruhn, Commander U.S. Navy (Ret)
Bruhn's book is dedicated to the "iron men" that have served since 1941 in wooden-hulled minesweepers, and particularly those sweep sailors, many of them reservists, who went in harm's way during World War II and the Korean War. 

Listed Below are Some Yarns


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished or We Come a Wassailing  

The Money Exchangers

The Cork and the Fool

Make Smoke or Thank You for a Very Sporting Day

The Decoy

The Enemy Was Me

How to Get the Attention of Girls and Impress Them

The Older Woman




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