HMAS Murchison Frigate F442

The Frigate F442 was the Royal Australian Navy River class Frigate HMAS Murchison. She was built in Brisbane, Australia in 1944, and was broken up in 1961.

The Photo Below is the Frigate F442

The Murchison would ride “shotgun” for us while sweeping in North Koran waters.

A U.S. Destroyer came under fire and was hit from guns on a small North Koran island. The next day the Murchison and the Devastator decided that the island guns should be destroyed, the problem the artillery was well hidden. To find the placement the plan was the Devastator would act as a decoy and start firing at the island, Murchison laid back and open fire as soon as we see the flashes from the North Korans returning fire. All the time the Devastator was heading straight in getting well within the range of the gun placement, but no action from the island. Realizing the North Korans weren’t going to play the Murchison also open fire but no action. The next day it was observed at low tide oxcarts taking ammunition to the island, apparently they were out of ammunition.

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